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It was lat at night as Sketchy watched the stars from her back porch of her home. Everyone else in the household was already fast asleep, and she was about ready to start getting for bed too. However, before she was about to head inside, she heard a faint call of her name just past her fence. Sketchy turned around to the fence and walked over to it looking in the direction the sound came from. Within the woods that surrounded her house, Sketchy noticed a familiar face she hasn't seen in a very long time. "Lelia!?" Sketchy called out in shock, leaning over the fence. Lelia peered through the bushes and branches and nodded, with a small smile on her face. She had a wild yet restrained glisten in her eyes. "Follow me." Lelia whispered as she turned around and headed deep into the forest. Sketchy took a quick look around, not sure what to do, before deciding to go after her, leaping over the fence. "Where are you going? Where have you been for the last... Forever!?" She asked Lelia, trying to keep up. Lelia didn't say a word to her, but she was determined to find out. She followed Lelia far past the part of the woods she recognized, even to the point where she wasn't sure if it was even part of the same woods. Lelia finally came to a halt when she reached a very peculiar tree, with Sketchy not too far behind. The tree was the only one within the woods that bore fruit, and yet the fruit wasn't like any kind Sketchy has seen before. They were small, like berries, and had an orange color to them. Lelia sat underneath the tree, looking up at Sketchy with excitement. "So uh..." Sketchy began, "Are you going to tell me anything? Anything at all?" Lelia smiled warmly before climbing up the tree and plucking several berries from its branches and leaping back down, "I'll tell you..." Lelia said to Sketchy as she handed some of the berries to her, "...After you eat this fruit!" Sketchy looked at the berries, both confused and suspicious. "What's wrong?" Lelia asked, taking notice of Sketchy's expression. "Well, you've been acting a little off, and it's kind of an odd request, not to mention I've never seen this kind of fruit before," Sketchy replied, "As far as I know, you could be some kind of evil clone or something, and these berries are extremely poisonous." "Oh!" Lelia stammered, "Well, then, I'll eat the fruit with you then, then I'll tell you. Is that okay?" Sketchy sighed, pondering over it. After a minute or so, Sketchy responded, "If it means I get to finally learn where you've been this entire time, then fine." Sketchy brought the fruit up to her mouth and watched Lelia take the first bite before proceeding. Sketchy ate one of the berries, and was surprised at how sweet it was. Sketchy ate a couple more of the fruit before she suddenly stopped. Her entire body slowly went numb, her legs wobbled trying to stand. Lelia helped Sketchy sit down next to the base of the tree. "Can you tell me now..?" Sketchy mumbled, trying to keep her now heavy eyelids from falling. Lelia nodded, smiling, "I've been here!" Lelia answered ecstatically. Sketchy looked at Lelia with a puzzled look, "Wha...?" "I've been with this tree the entire time! Taking care of them and protecting them!" Lelia clarified, maintaining her excitement, "And now I have you to help me now!" "What do you mean...?" Sketchy asked, her confusion turning into slight fear. "The tree told me that if you were to have some of the fruit, you would help with taking care of them from now on!" Lelia responded. Sketchy could feel a wave a panic wash over her, but the feeling immediately fell into a state of calm. Her thoughts began to grow muddled and unclear as her eyes grew too heavy to keep open. As Sketchy began to drift asleep with Lelia watching over her, she heard singing echo quietly through her head.
I didn't think I would be making this journal. Apparently someone got into my account and made a status update a little over half an hour ago, and replied to a comment. I have no idea who did this. And honestly, I'm scared. I just hope that it was a person I knew that just got hold of my password and not some stranger that is going to continue to go through my profile and potentially destroy it. I'm not sure what to do. 


Lesson one: What is magic?

Magic is the photon-like energy that is given off by the emotional state of sentient beings. This type of energy is the byproduct of sentience that, when channeled, can be used to affect the world around you. While sentient beings are always expelling magic, the stronger an emotion is felt, the more energy is given off.

Non-sentient life

If it is not sentient, it will not give off magic, even if it is made up of cells. For example, trees and other plants will not expel magic.

Sentient objects

On the other side, as long as it is sentient, it will expel magic, even if it is not made up of cells. For example, if there is a sentient robot, it will expel magic.


Sentient beings can not be directly controlled or manipulated by the means of magic, but they can be influenced by magic. Not everyone who expels magic can channel magic, however. Sentient beings who can not channel magic are considered mortals, and are the majority.

Lesson two: What are sorcerers?

Sorcerers are people who have the ability to channel magic. This ability is typically inherited, and acts as a recessive gene, but it is not uncommon for mortals to gain the ability to channel magic, as there are established ways of doing so.

Halfborn and Fullborn Sorcerers

When it comes down to where a sorcerer's ability to channel magic originates, there are two kinds of sorcerers. Make note that the origin of a sorcerer's ability does not affect one's capability for magic to any capacity, and only affects social structure. The sorcerers that inherited the ability to channel magic are called Fullborn Sorcerers, while those who began as mortals but gained the ability of channeling magic are called Halfborn Sorcerers.


When a sorcerer passes away, their magic clings to their soul and constructs a new vessel for the soul to remain in. When this happens, they are now considered as ghosts or demons. Remember that ghosts and demons are one and the same, but the term, demon, is more frequently used.

Ghosts have the ability to possess people, but it is extremely difficult to accomplish successfully, as the ghost has to convince the body that it's soul belongs there. Because of it's difficulty and does little for the ghost itself, most do not bother with possession.

Ghosts retain almost the same amount of magic they did when they passed away as sorcerers, and can still channel magic. The amount of magic they have no longer fluctuates once they become ghosts.

Ghosts remain in their typically own realm called Limbo, which is a barren and desolate wasteland and war zone. Ghosts can move freely throughout different worlds, but normally do not do so. Many eventually lose aspiration, and become nothing more than hollow shells.

Unstable Demons

Unstable demons are the demons in which the amount of magic they have fluctuates as if they were alive. Unstable demons, unlike stable demons, have little to no physical similarities to how they look when they were alive, and can sometimes lose memories or personality traits. Due to their fluctuating magic, their bodies have a difficult time keeping form, and their entire bodies can completely break apart and disappear from existence if they become too low on magic. However, this is more gradual than sudden.

They are a rare exception to demons, and it is uncertain as to why it happens. Some theories suggest that it is caused from prolonged visits in this realm, which is why demons do not visit often. Others suggest it is caused by certain factors that occur in the sorcerer's lifetime or even death. A few even state that it's simply by chance.

Magic Deficiency

If a sorcerer runs too low on magic, their body will begin to turn to dust. This process is called Magic Deficiency. While the process is slow, it can be very painful and fatal if not treated.

Magic Deficiency does not usually happen among sorcerers. It is most common among those who go prolonged periods of time without contact with other sentient beings or constantly expelling more magic than they gain.

Although it is more uncommon, it is also possible for sorcerers to experience magic deficiency during times of illness. There are even certain diseases that are only among sorcerers, and a common symptom they share has the same effect.

Keep in mind that magic deficiency is impossible for stable ghosts due to that they do not have a body and that their magic no longer fluctuates.


When a sorcerer gains enough magic, the magic will collapse on itself and causes a phenomenon called Supernova. The sorcerer gains a seemingly endless supply of magic to such an extreme where they gain god-like powers. These sorcerers are considered as Immortals.

However, this phenomenon is so rare that many sorcerers deny that Supernova exists. Many other sorcerers have attempted to Supernova their entire life only to never achieve it, and those who have claimed to become Immortal have either disappeared from earth to serve a greater purpose, or have decided on their own time to pass away, whether if it was with their powers or not.

Also keep in mind that stable ghosts can not supernova for the same reasons they can not go through magic deficiency.

Lesson Three: Channeling Magic

Channeling Magic comes in all ways, shapes, and forms. We will go over the most common types of channeling magic, but it is important to remember there are many, many other ways to channel magic and it is very common to use a combination of all sorts of methods. Each method is called a technique.

That being said, in order to channel magic, one must have a source of magic, and in order to have a source of magic, the magic must be stored. Each technique is how one draws the magic and puts it in use.

Not every technique works for every sorcerer, and not every sorcerer has access to every technique either. Luckily, what technique a sorcerer chooses will come very naturally to them, even if they do not master it right away. Every sorcerer can execute any technique, but it is proven to be much more difficult and exhausting to execute, how difficult depends on how similar it is to the preferred technique.

Each technique falls under two categories depending on where magic is stored: Internal Channeling and External Channeling.

Internal Channeling

-The source of their magic is stored within the body of the sorcerer. With this kind of channeling, magic is always accessible, however, the magic is more unstable and fluctuates much more due to this.

Some examples of Internal Channeling are:

Gesticulation - The use of physical movement to channel magic. Commonly used for combat, but can easily serve other purposes. The more energy put into the movement, the more magic is used. Can tire one out though.

Emotion - The use of raw emotion to channel magic. The simplest and easiest of channeling to do, but the hardest to master. Can be very unpredictable and dangerous if not cautious, and requires constant focus.

Incantation - The use of a series of words to channel magic. Requires lots of memorization and patience. Best for assisting purposes as opposed to combat, and is commonly used for everyday magic.

Caduceus - The use of an item, such as a wand, to channel magic. This technique often gets confused as External Channeling, however, the item has no magic of its own and all comes from its user. The user can still channel magic if they do not have the item, but have difficulty channeling without it.

External Channeling

-The source of their magic is stored outside the body of the sorcerer. With this kind of channeling, magic is more stable and reliable, however, the magic may not be always accessible, which may render one defenseless.

Some examples of External Channeling are:

Location - The channeling of magic from a location. The safest way to store magic, especially in large quantities. The location must be built to channel magic, and are usually used to serve a single purpose. The sorcerer must also be in close proximity of the place to use it.

Ornament - The channeling of magic from wearable goods, such as jewelry. A fairly common method of External Channeling more often used by wealthy sorcerers. It is also used within family traditions among sorcerers as well. However, due to its value, are typically stolen and sold on black markets. Tends to look very similar to Internal Channeling.

Potions/Charms - The channeling of magic from items with established purposes. Both of these items only have a limited use before considered useless. Luckily, it is very easy for those who use this technique to create new ones. In fact, most typically have multiple potions/charms stockpiled.

Relics - The channeling of magic from and through items. Unlike Caduceus channeling, the relics are the source of the magic, and the sorcerer will be rendered defenseless without their relic. Relics can range from spell books to wands.

Lesson Four: Types of Magic

Each sorcerer has one out of the two types of magic. Unlike channeling, a sorcerer can not switch between the types of magic, nor can they decide which type of magic they use. The type of magic that one uses determines how their magic will interact with the world around it. Theoretically, a sorcerer could have the ability to control both types of magic. However, this has never happened, as one would need an absolutely perfect balance between the two, or otherwise one would cause the other magic to expel rapidly, causing magic deficiency at a rapid rate. The closest sorcerers have actually gotten to controlling both types of magic is when they supernova. Because of the massive amount of energy they get, it does not matter what magic they have at that point.

These types of magic are Dark Magic and Light Magic.

Dark Magic

- The ability to create and manipulate what does not exist in the world.

Dark magic is associated with illusions. Dark magic can take form of what exists in the world and can interact with it, but can not directly manipulate it like light magic can. Because of this, the line between what dark magic can do and what it can not due is often blurred.

Light Magic

- The ability to create and manipulate what already exists in the world.

Light magic manipulates matter, but it does not actually create it. What it can create are reactions that already exist. Light magic is naturally stronger than dark magic, also. Despite this, controlling multiple types of matter takes a lot of practice, so most light magic sorcerers only stick with mastering one thing.

Possession of Sorcerers

If a ghost even attempts to posses a sorcerer of a different type of magic, the result will be catastrophic and fatal. Even if possession is successful, which stated before, is difficult to do, the body will die off in a matter of minutes. This even eats away at the ghost's magic, which they are incapable of gaining back.

Lesson Five: What are Figments?

Figments are tangible chunks of magic. While they're not normally much use to sorcerers, they are used for mortals to become halfborn sorcerers.

Figments are also formed naturally, but are very rare to find and hard to find and obtain. Sorcerers can use figments as a source of magic, but because of it's rarity and the amount of magic that usually contains in a figment is not very significant, most sorcerers ignore them. It is also important to note that the figments disappear once they are harnessed into magic.

Despite this, wealthy sorcerers will occasionally use figments in jewelry to show off their said wealth, since solid figments will normally take on a crystal-like form anyway. Note that when figments grow more dense, they lose their crystal-like quality.

Lesson Six: Mutual Terms

Mutual terms are agreements among a group sorcerers that will affect their magic and/or how it is used. These agreements can be among to groups as small as two people or as large as several nations. They also serve as treaties and deals among sorcerers as well from time to time.

Effects of Mutual Terms

Note that mutual terms still fall under the rules of magic, and can not be used to break them. Other than that, how the terms affect someone depends on the the actual agreement itself, and they do not necessarily affect those outside the agreement. Furthermore, there must be some effect on the magic of those who agree, at least those who have magic. If the terms require more magic than all sorcerers combined are capable of, it will not work. Mutual terms can also be used to give one's magic to another.

Usage of Mutual Terms

When Mutual Terms are between as little as two people, the agreements are typically things like deals, bets, buying, selling, and/or trade. Ornaments and relics can be exchanged this way. Mutual Terms can be broken. However, it can only be broken when majority of those who agreed to it also agree to break it. When it is only among two people, both must agree to break it. Demons can make Mutual Terms just as any sorcerer can. Mortals can make Mutual terms as well if it is with a sorcerer and/or demon. However, the most they can do is exchange services or items since magic doesn't apply much to either of them.


Okay, so this is how magic currently works for my characters and in my world. I have been working and revising this for quite a while now, so I thought it would be best to post this now. I'm currently working on things like their social aspects, history, and economy and whatnot, so I guess be on the lookout for that? Again, sorry for my absence, I've been busy. There may or may not be revisions to this later, I guess we'll have to see.
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you which one of your OC's is my favourite.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. (please)
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I doing right now.
9. Tell you what food/flavour/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

I forgot a lot of stuff at my fathers, including my laptop. So I won't be drawing for two weeks
 My reasoning is that this should encourage me to draw a bit more, and these would be a bit easier to draw now that I own a drawing tablet as opposed to when I had "Ask Sketch".So, now you can ask any of the OCs in this list below!

  • RatherSketchy (and all the other AU Sketchys)
  • ReallySketchy
  • Mal
  • Chippy
  • Alian
  • Rojo
  • Presto
  • Raindrop
  • Hostess
  • Lelia
  • Kyoshi
  • Crow
  • Pyrignis
  • Sukuma
  • Aya

1. Questions must be appropriate. Anything that would be considered "Mature Content" in dA's submission falls into inappropriate. If the question is inappropriate it will be ignored and/or hidden. 
2. This is the one and only place questions will be accepted. I will NOT accept questions asked on deviations or on my page. 
3. Please make it clear which OC you are asking. I can't read your mind, no matter how much I really want to.
4. Do not make me draw more than 5 characters at once. I am a single person and unless I grow a third arm from my forehead that I can draw with, there's no way I'd be able to draw them all in a timely manner.

And as an extra side note in the ask AND ONLY IN THE ASK all the characters in the list live alongside one another in an apartment complex kind of deal for humorous raisins and porpoises.
So go have fun! Confettication 
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I will be going to church camp again in a couple days! Which means that I will not be able to get online for a week, so heads up!
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I started up a again.
I will be drawing the different variations of Sketchy as well as introducing some new ones. I am also experimenting a slightly different style with these Sketchys too, being more in line with the whole 'stretched out chibi' style I use with characters like Rojo and Kyoshi rather than the classic anime style I use with RatherSketchy.

EDIT: It's over now! Come again some other time! :3
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I composed a song, I made a video, and I posted it on YouTube.
Here's the link…
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  • Listening to: The Nothing Song
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I'm gonna try this thing out. I'll prolly be drawing a digital thing so here's a link!
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You think that you know my OCs? THINK AGAIN!!! Today for the very first time I will be revealing all of my OCs most embarrassing and unbelievable secrets that have been hidden right under your noses! From what you want to know from what you don't want to know, all of their secrets are here! Let's get started!
  • Kyoshi has 5 eyes underneath his mask!
  • Crow is actually a man!
  • Sukuma hides ice cream cones in her hoodie!
  • Rojo occasionally cross-dresses when no one is looking!
  • Presto has an entire collection of Magic: The Gathering cards he uses to play with himself!
  • Lelia will fall asleep standing upright if you place a blanket on her head!
  • RatherSketchy sheds around this time of year!
  • Chippy sometimes has the urge to gnaw holes into walls!
  • Aya has accidentally obliterated several cities through failed inventions on multiple occasions!
  • Raindrop is actually the worlds' greatest ventriloquist and has pretending that Hostess could talk this entire time!
  • Kyoshi is distantly related to Jack Skellington, Sans, and Papyrus!
  • BEETLE was originally going to be a dishwasher!
  • Sukuma has the muscles of a bodybuilder!
  • Rojo and Presto regularly sing High School Musical duets together!
  • Presto does magic tricks for children every Tuesday!
  • Rojo will clean himself like a cat if he can't find a shower!
  • Presto is banned from every casino for being suspected of cheating!
  • Kyoshi believes that clouds are sheep deities from another universe!
  • Sukuma has four arms!
  • RatherSketchy tries to eat her own tail in her sleep!
  • Mal thinks grass is "too green"!
  • RatherSketchy had the worst case of fleas when she was ten! It was so bad she still might even have them!
  • Crow will throw random people into the morticium while Kyoshi is there to mess with him!
  • Lelia has a reoccurring nightmare where a pelican tries to eat her hair!
  • Mal steals barbie dresses and hides them!
  • Aya is actually a clone of herself! She made a cloning device for when she accidentally kills herself with failed inventions!
  • Presto likes to show off his piano playing skills!
  • Kyoshi is a kindergartner at a nearby elementary school!
  • BEETLE will throw rocks into a body of water in attempt to skip them!
  • Kyoshi has a pink frilly apron that says "#1 MOM" on it!
  • Kyoshi is incapable of playing video games!
  • Chippy likes to hug trees and pet their leaves!
  • Presto is overprotective about his top hat and treats it like it's his child!
  • Rojo thinks that toasters are witchcraft!
  • RatherSketchy will chase red dots!
  • Chippy is constantly preparing for the zombie apocalypse!
  • Presto believes aliens will invade Earth any day now!
  • Mal makes RatherSketchy say random things while she's asleep!
  • Aya's goggles are attached to the back of her head!
  • Kyoshi has traveled around the world! The last time he did so he was nearly burned at the stake!
  • Lelia has no idea what a calculator is!
  • Kyoshi has spent a few years buried in dirt in hopes of becoming a plant!
  • BEETLE feels pity and sympathy for other electronics!
  • Sukuma likes to glue quarters to the ground and watch people try to pick them up!
  • Rojo's favorite show is "My Little Pony"!

EDIT: Yeah, you guys knew this was an April Fools' joke. I hope you guys were at least entertained by this. However, I miiiiiiiiight may turn a few of these "facts" into actual cannon! But as of right now, consider this "headcanon central."
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I want to do this 'cause I would like to see what ships come up. I don't know if this has been done before but I'm doing it anyway.
1. You can ship two of my OCs or my OC with one of your own. If you wish to ship one of my OCs with someone else's, you will have to ask for permission.
2. Once you have come up with a ship, post it down in a comment with a reason why you think the OCs would make a good couple. It doesn't have to be long, one sentence is enough.
3. I'll put the ship down in the journal as long as the reason
4. There will be banned ships, meaning that a character can not be shipped or a certain pair of characters can not be shipped. I will place my reasoning of why I ban these ships.

  1. Hostess x Raindrop
     Reason: The relationship between these two is a big brother/little sister relationship. Shipping these two would be like incest.
  2. RatherSketchy x ANYONE
    Reason: She's already taken! Also the last time she was shipped with someone else, the world almost imploded BTW, this also covers any variation of Sketchy.
  3. ReallySketchy x ANYONE
    Reason: Again, already taken. :T
  4.  Kyoshi x Crow
    Reason: I personally just don't think they'd be a good couple. Crow is a heartless, cruel, and wrathful person who seeks destruction and pain of others, while Kyoshi is a curious, cautious, innocent and can be easily upset... This would possibly turn into an abusive relationship! D:
  5. Presto x Rojo
    Reason: Something I forgot to tell everyone... Rojo and Presto are brothers. ^^; I'm sure you can figure out the reason here.





Suggested by: :iconmckiath:
Ship: Rojo x Error

Suggested by: :icontears-of-the-flames:
Ship: Sukuma x Kyoshi

Suggested by: :iconbb-bee:
Ship: Hiyori x Kyoshi

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I made this for my mythology project for English a while back. I spent about 6 hours working on the painting alone, so might as well show you. ^^
1. For each of the 10 first people commenting this journal, I will put their avatar and the 3 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! (you can also suggest 3 if you wish)

2. If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!(Sorrydidn'treadtherulerightIfixeditthoughsoshhhhhh)
Halloween costume OC - Dragon Princess Bicker by FlickeringFilms
Splatoon Inksona - Kyrin by FlickeringFilms

Fruit Army August Assignment - Meditation by FlickeringFilms

It was hard to choose just three pieces of your artwork. In practically every piece of work you put out it's clear to see the love and effort put in it. And it definitely pays off with how nice it looks. Also, ADD me likes all the pretty colors of your artwork •3•

Sketch Dump 3 / Practice *UPDATE* by McKiath

Ask PsyKiwiMcFan 3 by McKiath

Your ever improving art style is so beautiful and unique! ^^ I always look forward to what artwork you post next and you always nail the expressions of any character you draw ^^ Keep up the amazing work!

3) :iconjayfeatherfan99:
Ita-uke! by jayfeatherfan99

Jungle Canopy W.I.P. by jayfeatherfan99

Art Trade With CocoatheRabbit- Pissed Itachi! by jayfeatherfan99

I can't really give this a fully proper praise, since I don't watch Naruto, but I can safely say that for one, you're cosplay is awesome! Secondly, you're a very nice person who's a lot of fun to talk to. ^^
<da:thumb id="567686892"/>

<da:thumb id="564464240"/>

<da:thumb id="525429137"/>

I must admit, my heart puked a little when I first saw your chibi artwork. IT WAS SO FLIPPING ADORABLE! Anyway, I can tell simply from your artwork you're a bundle of joy waiting to have fun. It has so much energy and fun in it.
Dragon in a cup by tears-of-the-flames

Clouds Of Dragons by tears-of-the-flames

For one, I love your artwork of dragons! They're so pretty! Also, speaking of pretty, THERE'S SO MUCH BRIGHT COLORS THAT ADD ME CAN'T EVEN COMPREHEND IT! Keep on drawing!
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Guess what? Exactly 2 years ago I made this account! Which means a CELEBRATION! Birthday cake  icon Party TiemsMarkiplier Rage (Emotion Gif)Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use :chairdance: Bonnie Gangnam Style lol (Chat Icon) :bademoticon: ExplodingConfettiPokeballEmote

BTW, sorry that I didn't make art specifically for this occasion, I just realized today was the day ^^; But it's certainly been a blast huh? So much has happened this year. My art has improved, I've made new friends, joined new groups, made new OCs, done more RPs, and had a lot of fun.

And because this is the day of a great beginning, I think it's only necessary to bring about some change, such as I did last year.
  • Making a clean slate- Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of any OCs or stuff like that. Though this might disappoint some of you, and I'm sorry is it does, I must make it official. Any story, commission, and request that hasn't been finished is now and is forever cancelled. This includes "The Show of a Lifetime" and "The Phantom's Apprentice".  The reason why I'm cancelling these is because of several reasons. First of all, the motivation for writing these have long died. Secondly, my writing and art style have long improved and it just feels awkward trying to fit new bits into old work. Finally, not only would I lose interest in writing these, but I believe people would lose interest in reading them. If you had a commission from me that I did not make, please leave a comment to me of what you commissioned and the amount you paid. I will pay you back if I can.
  • A new coat of polish- I love my OCs. They are so interesting and unique in their own way which is why they need a little change too. It's not that there's anything wrong with them, but if I were to set everything about them in stone I would grow out of them and no longer like them, which I don't wish to happen! Therefore, I have decided that some OCs will be renamed and/or redesigned. I've already started growing out of some of the names of my OCs, even some of my new OCs names I'm kind of discontent with. I will not change the OCs too much though.
  • Behind the O-Scenes- The reason of the stories I created were to give the OCs a bit more background and depth. As you can see, that backfired and left me backstories for OCs that were never told. So I decided to stop beating around the bush and just write their backstories. I will post the basic story of OCs whenever I feel fit for it and you can get in more depth of the story through via roleplay if you wish. Why I decided this is because I want these backstories to finally get out there, but as I found I don't have the patience to get into full detail. I feel this is a nice compromise for my head.

I really hope everyone will be accepting to these changes :bademoticon:  But I really do believe these changes will make this time around even more fun for everybody:excited:  Side note, I'm sorry I won't be posting anything halloween related (except for McKiath 's contest)

I'm so sick and tired of being so sick and tired.
    You don't even know how many times I've gotten sick this school year, let alone this Quarter. I've gotten sick at least 3 times on school days and I don't even know how many times on the weekends. I literally woke up this morning not feeling well at all, but because it was homecoming day (And the fact that if I missed another day of Driver's Ed, I would automatically fail DESPITE IT BEING THE LAST DAY OF MY DRIVER'S ED CLASS) Luckily I managed to pull through Driver's Ed class, though not a big accomplishment since I have it 1st period and it was shortened to 25 minutes, so yeah. I left class at 2nd period and didn't leave until the homecoming assembly started, which is after all the periods. At least I got to meet a cool new friend in the nurse's office. I've already puked three times, even though the only thing I had today was water (Yes, I puked that out too) And I didn't get a chance to begin my mythology project, because I had to write a 100-word essay to even get the mythology story I want. So as far as I know, I might not even get the mythology story I want and I'll have only 2 weeks to do it, rather than 4 weeks, half of which being my break. I had to miss the homecoming parade that I finally figured out how I was even going to get to, and which I was going to be in.
    I just hope that I feel better tomorrow, I have this music audition tomorrow and the Homecoming dance.

    Anyway, sorry for my ranting, just wanted to get this off my chest. I had to get this out there instead of letting it just sit in my head. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to take a nap.
Here's a random question I've been meaning to ask you guys:

If you could have any unorthodox superpower, what would it be?

What I mean by this is pretty much to come up with your own superpower that you would like to have, so no flying, super strength, invisibility, or stuff like that. So get all creative with it! :) My superpower would be that when I snap and point at something, whatever I pointed at turned into a banana.